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It is the largest comprehensive pharmacy of Chinese medicine with the largest scale, the strongest technical strength, most complete facilities in Zhejiang Province. It has the full range of products, and ranks the first in the province and the top in the country. The pharmacy consists of raw herbal medicine dispensing room, patents of Chinese medicine dispensing room, granule herbal medicine dispensing room, Chinese medicine processing room, Chinese medicine warehouse, clinical pharmacology room, drug quality inspection room, Chinese medicine decocting room, etc, provides the most solid medical support for clinics. 
There are over 850 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, includes plant medicine, mineral products and worm & animal medicine; there are over 400 kinds of refined granule Chinese medicine, 420 kinds of Chinese patent medicines, dozens of  assumed prescriptions for experienced Chinese medicine experts. The average daily output of herbal medicine is about 3.5-4 tons, which can meet all level clinical needs.
The pharmacy currently has 75 staff, of which Dr. Xu Xishan is the most experienced chief pharmacist of TCM, and the academic experience inheritance instructor of national outstanding expert, 2 chief pharmacists of TCM, 4 associated chief pharmacists, 25 others are competent pharmacists, and many other professionals who with rich Chinese pharmaceutical experiences; 2 of them with doctoral degree, 5 of them with master degree, 3 masters. High-quality professional team is an effective guarantee of drug quality and service quality.

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