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The Department of Respiratory Medicine was established in the 1970s, adhered to combine clinical medicine to education and research, gives full play to the advantages of integrative Chinese and Western medicine.
Through decades of years’ development, it has developed into a key clinical discipline of respiratory medicine with distinctive features, high quality of diagnosis and treatment, wide area coverage, strong innovation ability, high management level and great social impact. 
The department is the key discipline of  pulmonary medicine of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of the national cooperative group of pulmonary medicine, national SFDA Chinese medicine clinical trial base, clinical key discipline of Zhejiang Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and also training base of respiratory medicine. It is also master and post-doctoral mobile station and key laboratory of respiration physiology. 
The department has 87 inpatient beds and the number of annual outpatient is up to over 3500, the annual clinic volume is up to over 65000. It is well-experienced in diagnosis and treatment of common respiratory diseases such as pulmonary infection, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, interstitial pneumonia, lung cancer and we have diseases specialties for asthma, snoring and other diseases, a multidisciplinary clinic for small pulmonary nodules and early cancer screening. 
The Dept has over 50 staffs, with 1 National Chinese Medicine Master, 3 National Outstanding Chinese Medicine Experts, 3 doctor’s supervisors, 5 master’s supervisors, 5 doctors, 12 masters and 1 promising young doctor. With strong clinical, scientific research and teaching ability, our department undertakes the clinical education tasks of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Zhejiang  Chinese Medical University every year, trains a large number of masters, doctoral students and advanced doctors every year. 
At present, the dept focuses on the study of TCM application in the treatments of chronic pulmonary diseases, basic research of Chinese medicine to confront pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary tumors, clinical study on integrated Chinese and western medicine for lung tumors. The department has been undertaking 16 researches during the last 5 years, of which 4 projects are of state level, 4 of provincial level and 8 of bureau level; it has won 8 times of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award.

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