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Founded in 1956, Dept of TCM Internal Medicine is the largest comprehensive dept combining medical treatment, clinical education and scientific research. The annual outpatients is up to 137,000, is one of the biggest clinic in the hospital. It embodies overall holistic concept and spirit of TCM in syndrome differentiation and treatment determination, combines traditional Chinese medicine theory with modern diagnosis and treatment methods, TCM features are fully expressed in diagnose, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. 
The dept has a long history, it not only inherits the academic thoughts and medical experience of the ancient doctors, but also inherits the famous doctors such as Ye Xichun, Wei Changchun, Yang Jiyu and Wu Shiyuan, meanwhile adopts the new technologies and new achievements of modern Chinese medicine in practice. The dept has many kinds of medical talents, forms a strong technical force. It has 1 national TCM master, 1 national famous TCM specialist, 2 Zhejiang provincial famous TCM master and 3 provincial famous TCM specialists, 1 health consultation expert of central government, and 3 inheritance instructor of academic experience of national Chinese medicine experts, all the experts in this department have regular clinic.  
The dept has 10 full time TCM physicians, 3 of them are chief physicians of TCM and professors, 3 are associate physicians of TCM and associate professors, 3 are attending doctors and 1 is resident physician. All doctors have rich clinical experience and at high academic level. In order provide better service to the patients, specialist clinics are opened every day, the experts take turns to see patients.  They have accumulated abundant experience in preventing and treating respiratory diseases, elementary diseases and cardiovascular diseases, such as asthma, chronic Bronchitis, coronary heart disease, hyperlipemia, chronic atrophic gastritis, pyloric infection caused by helico-bacterium, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis and its related diseases. 
The department make full use of the rich medical teaching and research resources of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, lays strong emphasis on talents cultivation; meanwhile it is also the teaching and clinical practice base of the university, undertakes the task of theoretical teaching and clinical training of TCM internal medicine of all majors, it includes clinical internship and talents training of undergraduates, master & doctoral students, standard discipline training, advanced training, international students and other types of talents. 

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