Dr. Ge Lingyi

Professor Ge Lingyi, Endocrinology department,She used to serve as a member of China association of TCM, the chairman of zhejiang internal medicine association, and the vice President of zhejiang association of TCM.

Vice President of zhejiang association of senior professors, instructor of national senior TCM experts’ academic experience inheritance.

She has participated in clinical work for more than 50 years, good at the diagnosis and treatment of critical disease and knotty disease in internal medicine, especially for respiratory system and digestive system, has accumulated rich clinical experience in treating COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and bronchial asthma. She put forward the idea of  therapy differentiation of COPD in diverse stages, summarized her experience in prevention and control of chronic bronchitis with effective single herbs and herb pairs.

She is also quite experienced in dealing gastritis and ulceration with apparent effect. The expert gets special allowance from state council.

The main works:

She is the author of diagnosis and classification of chronic bronchitis with Integrative Medicine, TCM treatment of heart failure, my humble opinion about teaching of senior TCM and other professional treatises. She was also participated in the compilation of clinical TCM internal medicine, which published by national internal medicine association of TCM.