Dr. Xu Yonggang

Dr. Xu Yonggang is an Associate Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, committee member of Needle & Knife Brach-Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Academy, committee member of External Treatment Branch- China Chinese Medicine Academy, a Claims Examiner of CM Doctor Practical Skills Qualifications Examination in Zhejiang Province, Examiner of Blind Massage Practice Skills Qualifications Examination. Dr. Xu has 20 years clinical experience of acupuncture, specialized in treating tinnitus and epicophosis, cervical spondylosis, pains diseases, gonarthrosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, insomnia, tennis elbow, asthma, tourette syndrome, and obesity. His special technique of Jing Triple Needles is very popular because of fewer needles less pain and good results.

Dr. Xu has been in charging and participating 4 clinical research subjects, 2 subjects has awarded Zhejiang Province Chinese Medicine Science & Technology Innovation Second Prize, over 20 essays have been published in deferent kind of medical journals, editors 8 Chinese medicine works.