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Founded in 1931, Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine is a Grade Three Class A comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, medical education, scientific research,rehabilitation and health care, with complete clinical departments, striking character of tradition Chinese medicine and obvious advantages of combination of Chinese and western medicine.

The hospital is well known nationwide for its best capacity in TCM, and longest history, largest scale in Zhejiang general hospitals.It is also the First Affiliated Hospital and First Clinical College of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, undertaking the clinical education task of undergraduates, post graduates, doctoral, and standard professional training, medical scientific researches.  

The hospital has Hubing and Xisha two campuses. While Hubing is the original campus, is located in Downtown Hangzhou, near the beautiful West Lake. Occupying 6 .67 hectares of land, with 160,000 square meters of floor space for medical service, and 410 million yuan fixed assets, the hospital holds 2060 inpatient beds, 42 inpatient-wards, 3 ICUs.

It has 2682 employees in the hospital. Among them, 400 are senior medical personnel, 1 is academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 National Master of Chinese Medicine, 1 first batch national outstanding Chinese medicine expert, and 4 first batch provincial outstanding Chinese medicine experts. The hospital has 50 clinical departments and 200 specialized clinics. The annual outpatients are over 2.5 million and inpatients are 76,000.

The hospital has 40 instructors for the task of academic experience inheritance of the well-know national and provincial Chinese medicine experts.The hospital is also the first batch of national TCM clinical research bases, the first batch of national key construction TCM hospitals, the first batch of national clinical regional Chinese medical centers, and the leading unit of the national Chinese and Western medical centers of major and difficult diseases.

There have 5 key clinical specialties of National Health Commission in the hospital, which is TCM respiratory, TCM Hematology, TCM Gastroenterology, TCM Dermatology and nursing. And also have 9 key disciplines and 14 key specialties of National Administration of Chinese Medicine in the hospital, which are TCM Oncology, Orthopedics, Breast diseases, TCM Pediatrics, TCM Neurology, TCM Endocrinology, TCM Gynecology, Emergency, Rheumatology and Immunology, Acupuncture and Breast diseases.  

After several generations’ joint efforts, the hospital has developed a profound academic foundation, that forms of 10 classic schools with  distinctive Chinese medicine characteristics, enjoys high reputation along the two sides of Qiantang River, such as Ye’s internal medicine, Wei’s internal medicine, Yang’s Internal medicine, He’s internal medicine, Yu’s external medicine, Luo’s Orthopedics, Qiu’s Gynecology, Xuan’s Pediatrics, Bai’s Ophthalmology, Jin’s Acupuncture.

In the past decade, the hospital has been under taking variety of research projects, of which, 100 is at national-level, 200 is at provincial-level, and 500 is at bureau level. 30 of the projects won the awards as second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards, the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Awards, the first prize of Science and Technology Awards of China Association of Chinese Medicine, and provincial science and technology awards.

After extensive clinical practice, the hospital has formed three strong technical forces in the fields of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and combination of both. It has created its own distinctive style, especially in the treatment of elementary tract disease, tumors, hematopathy, mastopathy, osteoarthropathy, skin disease, nephrology, neurological disorders by means of acupuncture, tuina and integration of traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine. It has achieved a national advanced level. The Rehabilitation Base in Xiasha Campus, treating patients with the combination of TCM and western medicine is one of the largest rehabilitation centers in Zhejiang Province, well-known at home and abroad.

Looking back the 80 years glorious development course, the hospital always follows the motto of "sincerity and benevolence", adhere to the concept of "integrating Chinese and Western medicine, and transcends tradition to modernity", to serve the human health with full enthusiasm, by seeking the truth, being pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising.

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